Five Things I Learned While Hiking - (3)
I’m darn lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth
– the Olympic Peninsula. Hiking, kayaking, biking, windsurfing, sailing. And then in 2005 I bought a business and got busy!

Several years ago my busyness had turned into an addiction. I didn’t know how to stop. With the guidance from a very wise friend, she helped me devise a busyness detox plan and the rest is history.

Sort of.

History took a few years to work itself out and then in 2014 I sold my business, went on a sabbatical and decided my “word” for 2015 is “indulgence”. As my energy began to resurface I got the itch to go hiking, something I had done little of the past ten years.

I posted “who wants to go hiking” on FaceBook, not for a Saturday, but for a Friday. After 35 years of working on a schedule, I can now schedule a mid-week day for hiking. OMG – that’s indulgent!

Off we went to hike Mt. Walker. Here’s the funny part. I’ve been to the top of Mt. Walker many times – in my car. You can drive to the top if you want. But I was up for a challenge and so were my hiking partners.

Up, up, up! 2000 elevation gain in 2 miles.  Here’s what I learned…

#1: If the terrain is so difficult that you have to look at your feet the entire time, is this indulgent? Or is it time to exit the trail and do something that allows you to enjoy the journey.

#2: Is the view from the top worth the effort to get there?

#3: The trail to the top was difficult, every inch of my shoes is now imprinted on my brain, but all that aside even though it was a butt burner of a hike, we laughed, talked, sweated, cheered each other on and I had the opportunity to get to know two really awesome gals. If your “hike” is rich with memorable moments – keep going. If not, know when to exit.

#4: Had we not tackled this little mountain, I never would have known which muscles to strengthen.

#5: When putting the water bladder in your backpack the hose goes at the bottom, not the top (thanks for this thirst quenching tip Diane). If you are trying to figure out the metaphor for this one it’s either ‘read the instructions’ or hike more often so you don’t forget how things work. I’m going with the second one!

Did you get the metaphors? Would love to hear your comments below!
Happy Hiking!



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