Here’s something I had never thought about before – never tell someone your age.

I do, all the time. I’m proud to be in my fifties. I’m grateful to be in my fifties. And at times I feel segregated as well.

In the town I live in we have a strong YPN group – Young Professionals Network. They are awesome and many are my friends. The thought is a healthy town has a flow of young who will keep business going, buy businesses that are selling as “older” owners move on. Recently a “young professional” purchased my business, but not because of her age, because of her knowledge and being a Naturopathic Physician made her the perfect fit.  I had inquiries from someone in their forty’s and sixties. Which leads me to believe, the drive to grow and thrive isn’t about youthful energy it’s about desire.

Ever since I hit this “milestone birthday” I have wondered where do I fit in? Am I young, am I old, am I middle aged? Or as Dr. Christiane Northrup suggests, am I simply “ageless”?

I had the pleasure of meeting Kate Northrup this past fall and the further pleasure of continuing to “know” this young, vibrant, smart, wise & successful woman, and I feel a bit envious. Why? Because I am in my fifties and I have been programmed by society to think that somehow time is running out and that by “this age” I should be at a certain place in my life!  Oh sure, I do walk through life differently than I did twenty years ago, but the truth is we all walk a different walk, no matter what are age is.

Dr. Christiane Northrup says “the age discussion begins at 50”. So true! I have heard myself say many times “now that I’m in my fifties…”

I don’t see this as fighting the aging process I view Dr. Northrup’s insight to age as a new way of thinking. It’s inclusive thinking – we all have value to offer and we can do whatever we desire, at any age.  What matters is how we think about ourselves!

This wonderful mother/daughter conversation inspired me to ask: Kate.Chris_-300x168

Do you think as a society we are practicing age segregation? 
Do you make comments that segregate yourself?

I know I have. But from today forward I will now be mindful of comments I make about my age, other than to borrow the line that Dr. Northrup uses when asked her age – “my wisdom age is 300+, my biological age is about 35!”

Here’s to following our hearts desire, no matter what age we are!


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