A common conversation during coaching sessions is awareness of what I call “thought loops”. As in, what thoughts do you have on a loop?

Thought loops can be stories from your past that you find yourself re-living through your own story telling in the present. Our past experiences can provide many inspiring lessons, but the lesson is no longer inspiring if we continue to live in our past and let that past experience define our present experience.

Catching thought loops is a practice of tuning-in and a practice that for me is always present. So as I pondered a challenging situation and heard myself saying (once again), “In hindsight, I would have…”  it occurred to me that this is a common thought loop of mine, with several different renditions; in hindsight: I should have, I didn’t, I could have, if I’d only known, I wish I had” and so on.

Recently my husband and his buddy spent several days fly fishing. I don’t get. They love it. They spend their days catching and then releasing what they caught. When it comes to catching thought loops, this is an awesome metaphor. Catch your thought loops, savor the catch for a moment and ask yourself “how does this serve me” and then, make like a happy fly fisherman and release that thought loop.

As I heard myself thinking my thought loop of the day “in hindsight”, I stopped and asked myself, how does this serve me? How do I feel when I use this ‘thought loop’ phrase? I’ll tell you, I doesn’t feel good. ‘In hindsight’ throws me right into self judgment.

We can’t change the past, we can only learn from it. What we do right now, today, in this moment is all that matters. And how we choose to live and think right now, today, in this moment is a choice. You can hang on or let go, you can stay in your old story or create a new one. Power is living in the present and making choices from where you stand right now.

What do you choose hindsight or present-sight?



So much of what has inspired me that past few years has come from a very wise woman and special friend, Barbara Stanny. Her newest book Sacred Success has just been published. My wish is that everyone read this book and breath in and learn from the wisdom that Barbara has to share.  To order your copy click here, or if you live in Port Townsend, I will have the books for sale in my store, Uptown Nutrition, Thursday October 2nd!


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