May 2013 with four special girlfriends and our husbands we flew to Lake Tahoe to celebrate my fiftieth birthday.  We enjoyed hiking, dinners, lazy days and then the men all left to go fishing and we gals did we what love to do – go deep with conversation! The five of us curled up with blankets and tea and settled in for a long afternoon of talking to our soul’s content. Every month I meet with these four wonderful  women for what we call our “spotter meetings” . On this day, celebrating my fiftieth dance around the sun, I received a powerful gift that has transformed how I walk through life – a silver platter… The gift came simply by listening to Barbara Huson (Stanny) sharing her frustration with finding a publisher for her 7th book.  We often hear Barbara say “I’m a pencil in Gods hands”. We listened quietly, interjected thoughts here and there and then suddenly Mary (she’s the psychic in our group) said “stop, I’m getting something”. The “something” she got was so powerful, it has changed how I walk through world. The message Mary received was this – if this book is truly written by Gods pencil in Barbara’s hand, then Barbara must put it on a silver platter and hand it off to the divine to find a publisher, or not.  The next day we went on a beautiful hike and I watched Barbara hurry ahead, hiking higher and higher. It turned out she wanted to be as far up the mountain as possible, before visualizing her book Sacred Success on a silver platter and then letting go and letting the outcome be in the hands of God. We flew home and the day after that an email arrived from Barbara telling us she had a publisher for her book!  Not just any publisher, a boutique publisher who only takes on 30 authors per year and many of their authors are now New York Times best sellers. Chills ran through me from head to toe. The power of letting go and trusting – the power of the silver platter, became the most extraordinary gift ever received. My fiftieth year kicked off with five of the most challenging months ever. The major upheavals within my business, that in the past I would have been met with my usual Taurus horns down and charging forwards with worry and stress, instead I placed every concern, every anxiety, and every fear on that silver platter daily and let go and trusted that everything was resolving for my highest good. That silver platter brought me two new employees’ that I did not advertise for.  They both simply walked through the door and they are truly a gift to my business and our customers every day. That silver platter brought me the strength to have tough conversations that have taken relationships higher. That silver platter has brought me peace. My friends will often hear me say, “I’m putting that on the silver platter”! I now have a real silver (plated) platter in our bedroom. Every night when I crawl into bed, I look at that platter and place all that is bothering me or questions I have on its shiny silver surface and then fall peacefully asleep. I have received so much joy from sharing this story and even more joy receiving the stories of what has happened when others have conjured their won The Silver Platter. So what happened with that book that Barbara placed on the platter? It’s selling like hotcakes and serving up wisdom and all this came from simply placing the desire on the silver platter and then letting go or as author Tosha Silver says: “Let the Divine Take the Lead” UPDATE – 2 1/2 years later.  The silver platter method led me to selling my nutrition store. It helped me find the perfect new owner, with ease. It helped me navigate my moms illness and passing without getting bogged down with worry.  Most recently that silver platter helped me decide to take a year long sabbatical. I am convinced that letting go of emotions, feelings, beliefs that cloud our vision is the most powerful action we can take to call-in peace, happiness,  healing, laughter and love! UPDATE…Five years later. Still…Best gift ever! Here’s to letting go! ~Suzy    

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