K-I-S-S:  When life tosses hurdles in your path, what do you do to leap the hurdles with grace and ease?

This was a question I found myself asking this morning, more specifically, “how do I get through this period of transition without letting the intensity of circumstances drag me down”. Hmm…

The old “me” that still lurks about, would have put her nose to the grindstone, working long hours and ceasing to exist in a place of happiness until I crossed over those hurdles to the other side.

The new “me” is mindfully following this path to  cross over to the other side while maintaining my health and sanity:

#1: Priority! Self Care. Whether this means stepping outside for a few minutes to breath deeply or taking “10” to quiet the mind and relax.

#2: Stay out of the “hows”. I get so stuck in the “how” am I going to do this? Mind churn sets in while I go into crazy mode planning and figuring Butterflyit all out. Just writing this makes me feel exhausted.  Anywhoo…that’s the “old me”. 😉

#3: Laugh. Even when traversing transition, if our eyes and ears and heart are open, there are always moments of laughter – step into those moments and feel the bliss.

#4: Trust! Toss all feelings of angst, intensity, worry, the ‘hows’, up to the Universe, Spirit, God.  Leave it to Divine Intervention and trust that everything happens for a reason and all will be well (in fact, all will be even better!)

#5: Face your fears and the fear will dissipate.  Run from your fear and it chases you.  I am not running. Are you?

#6: Take the steps that are needed, one foot in front of the other.  As long as you are moving forward and holding trust in your heart, life will unfold as it should in the most beautiful way just for you.

#7: Ask for help.  Stay in a place of trusting that all will be well – ask, listen, watch for signs and look for that  crack in the wall that lets the light shine through. It’s there.  I promise.

#8: Let go of the “shoulds”.  My friend Athena Burke, says “A ‘should’ is God telling you, you should not”. Check in with yourself.  Are you driven by your “shoulds” or by your heart?

#9: Do something that makes you happy. I got up early this morning. Caught myself stepping into the “hows” and decided instead to write this.  Writing makes me happy. Inspiring people makes me happy.  Coaching clients to breakthroughs makes me happy. Working with customers at my store makes me happy. Being outdoors makes me happy. What makes you happy?

#10: The recipe of life takes a mixture of ingredients. It’s about balance – sipping lemonade while squeezing lemons to make more lemonade.

One step in front of the other…breath…let go of your grip.

All of the above was completely written for my own benefit, but I do hope it gives you some ideas too!

K – I – S – S (Keep it Simple Suzy). 😉

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