To day I want to honor all those who pour their heart and soul into caring for those with mental disabilities.  In the wake of the Connecticut tragedy and recognizing the immense loss these families are experiencing, it saddens me deeply to witness right here in my own hometown the falling apart of another “system” that cares for those with mental illness. 

For the past five years I’ve employed a lovely gentleman who, along with his caring job coach, cleans my nutrition store twice a week.  He’s a strong man, beautifully sensitive and is easily agitated by change and commotion.  My store has provided him a place to earn a bit of money, but more importantly, a calm environment that gives him a sense of purpose.

Today I learned that the local organization that manages his 24/7 care has sold.  The woman, who operated this organization and has given so much, is now challenged with her own health issues.  No doubt brought on by the constant red tape and bureaucracy she must witness on a daily basis.  Her company has been purchased by a large organization where profit is the motive.  Employees are being let go, with the option to be re-hired but with a significant cut in pay.

So there you have it United States of America.  A calm man, who is kept calm due to the exemplary care he receives, is about to have his calm world ripped apart.  When will we learn? This isn’t about gun control. This isn’t about mental illness. This is about living our lives being guided by our heart and soul.  Imagine if our government operated from the heart.  Imagine…

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