Do you know that feeling? When life gets so busy, so demanding that you’re sure your head is literally bobbing on your shoulders.  That was me the past three weeks.  Crazy, over-the-top busy. The result was a long list of necessary accomplishments for the health of my nutrition store, but not without a cost. I became depleted on all levels, edgy and easily upset. I felt out of my body, out of balance and downright exhausted.

And then the spin slowed.  Here’s how:

The past few weeks have been a life boat measure.  My store was in trouble and decisions had to be made fast!  I did not have the luxury of time.  I needed to get organized, and get things back on track immediately, or my business could potentially go under.

Step one was giving myself permission for three weeks of crazy intense work. I knew that hard work was needed, but I also knew I needed to set perameters and stick to them.

Step two – eat healthy! Which I always do, but when times get tough your body needs more good fuel than ever.  Eat up, eat wisely and eat super super healthy!

Step three was being very aware of what was happening to me mentally, physically and spiritually as a result of the crazy period.  Years ago I experienced an equally stressful period but without self awareness. Without awareness the spiral continues until hitting rock bottom.  My intention was not to hit bottom, but to allow a bit of crazy work, get my head above water and them swim with waves.

Step four was using all the tools I have learned over the years to keep me on task, focused and somewhat intact.  These are the very same tools I have been writing about the last three months.  Who knew my own mini-course was going to be put to the test.

Step five at the three week mark, I came up for air, slowed the spin and allowed fun to be my transition – dinner with friends, a long walk, acupuncture just for me, laughter and I’m back in my body and refueling again.

Challenging times are opportune times to expand your soul learning.  I’m happy to share with you a replay link (below) for dynamic interviews hosted by Sovereign Women Unleashed sharing and inspiring  from the power of the sub-conscious mind to cultivating  your sphere of influence.

Sign up and then join me October 31th at 11:00am PST when I get the opportunity to talk about:

  • How to tap into your own magnificent internal guidance system
  • The peacefulness and calm that alignment of the Seven Rays of Life (your foundation) brings.
  • Powerful steps to ignite your wonder within and truly own your awesomeness!

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