Ignite the Wonder Within™
Week 9: Are you having fun yet?

“Without the feeling of pleasure, Happiness is only an illusion”. ~Alexander Lowen

What do you enjoy?

Stella Resnick, PhD in her book The Pleasure Zone, says “to play is to engage in an activity just for the fun of it, just for the sheer excitement or stimulation of it.  You enjoy what you’re doing, and the pleasure is like an energy factor – your battery is recharged, and it keeps you going and going. While you play, you’re fully absorbed in the here-and-now and anything you do in a playful spirit, even if it’s work, puts you into that flow.

What makes you smile, laugh, feel joy? Life is made up of moments.  One little moment of happiness, pure joy, belly laughter will stay with you all day long. Look for these moments, create these moments and savor these moments.  Be present, feel them, own them and enjoy!

Wonder Within Success Step: What gives you pleasure and fills your heart? Write down at least one ‘feel good’ and find this ‘feel good’ every day. Begin each day answering these two questions:  How do I want to feel today? What do I need to do to feel this way?

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Until next week!

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