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Week 8: Ego verses Soul

*I’m continually in awe of serentipidous occurrences…I wrote this post two months ago and attended Sacred Success exactly a year ago.  I am again attending the amazing Sacred Success retreat mentioned below. This blog posted Wednesday with no intention what-so-ever of timing the post with the retreat and I had completely forgotten that the first day of the retreat includes Ego vs. Soul.  Yesterday I heard Barbara say “what served you as a child, will suffocate you as an adult”.  What rules has your ego made in order to protect you and keep you from stepping into your fear and souring?


I first learned about how our EGO guides us, verses how our SOUL guides us while attending the Barbara Stanny’s retreat,  Sacred Success ~ A Course in Financial Miracles.  Read the list below. Can you feel the difference?  I began my own ‘mindfulness’ practice to help me become aware of when I was taking my marching orders from my ego and when I was taking them from my soul.  What I discovered, is when I was feeling drained, on edge, unsettled, out of whack…it was because my ego was driving, not my soul.

The ego is about image. The soul is about authenticity.
The ego makes excuses.  The soul takes action.
The ego always speaks first. The soul is quiet and listens.
The ego focuses on flaw. The soul reminds you of your divine gifts.
The ego can’t take constructive criticism. The soul seeks it out and welcomes it.
The ego wants to be seen as the best. The soul wants to keep getting better.
The ego encourages us to hide.  The soul encourages us to shine!
The ego wants to be famous. The soul wants to start a movement.
The ego tries to control the message. The soul trusts the message to take on a life of its own.
The ego talks. The soul looks and listens.
The ego competes and dominates. The soul co-creates.
The ego lives from scarcity. The soul lives from abundance.
The ego protects you.  The Soul wants you to soar.
The ego cares only about the end performance. The soul is in love with the process.
A compilation from Barbara Stanny’s Sacred Success Retreat and Justine Musk

Wonder Within Success Step: At the end of each day, take 10 minutes and review your moments of living in your ego and moments of living from your soul ~ a beautiful process of discovery. 

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Until next week!

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