Igniting the Wonder Within™
Week 6: Just Ask!

I woke up this morning feeling resistance, but not quite sure to what. I had set aside my day to write this mini-course, but felt doubt creeping in.

Why?  I couldn’t figure it out and the process of figuring it out was leading to mind churning, so I used this very simple step: I stopped and said (asked) to the Universe, Creator, God, Spirit (whatever works for you), what IS this feeling?  Then I moved on to something that made me feel good and within an hour I was happily typing away at my computer, having received my answer.

The answer: I’m a perfectionist and my perfectionism is connected to insecurity.  Any written word must in my mind be perfect, but I can never get to that place.  Another lesson learned…let it go, write from my heart and remember imperfection is beautiful!  All this from just asking! Give it a try!

“The only thing standing between greatness and me is me” ~ Woody Allen 

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Until next week!

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