Ignite the Wonder Within™
Week 5: Reframe, reframe, reframe.

“We must be ever diligent about our thoughts and reactions.  Not denying them, but allowing them to surface, feel them, learn from them and then step through to the other side”. ~ Suzy Carroll

Reframing is another helpful step to changing on a moments notice.  Reframing requires mindfulness.  When I first began practicing mindfulness I was astonished at how often a negative thought slipped in. Over the years my skills have been honed and on a moments notice I am now able to reframe a thought that has the potential to sabotage my growth and happiness.

Wonder Within Success Step: Intend to ‘catch’ at least five negative thoughts each day and reframe them every day for the next ten days.  Knowing your progress is important.  Give yourself a smiley face  for every catch and reframe you make! 

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Until next week!

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