Igniting the Wonder Within™

Igniting the Wonder Within has been a life long journey for me.  Looking back, my journey began when I attended my first personal development seminar and retreat in my early 20’s.  I learned many things, but the two that really stuck and became a part of who I am today. #1: I have a choice – always.  I may not be able to control a situation, but I can always own my reactions and feelings. This sounds simple, but for me it was a profound realization and my first little Wonder Within bubbled to the surface.  #2: Receive compliments gracefully.  Smile, breath in the feeling and say “thank you”.  Not only do you honor yourself, you honor the person who is giving the compliment.

Whether you are moved to new beginnings, or just in need of a tune-up, these eleven thoughts for Igniting your Wonder Within, will help you get out a rut, stretch your soul muscles, liven your spirit, grow in self awareness and tap into or deepen your own Wonder Within.  And like the seminar I attended in my twenties, if you walk away with one pearl of wisdom you have woken your heart up to more!

This mini-course features some of the key learning experiences that ignited my own Wonder Within.  I’m honored to share these with you!

Next time you think of beautiful things ~ Don’t forget to count yourself in.

Week 1: Practice Mindfulness

“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” ― Mother Teresa

Mindfulness is purposeful attention to your actions, reactions, emotions and thoughts while remaining nonjudgmental.  It is from this purposeful place we begin to know ourselves. It is from here that we discover we are a beautifully imperfect, and from this place of non judgment that we begin to love ourselves unconditionally.

To fully understand mindfulness, let’s explore mindlessness.  Have you ever arrived at a destination and barely remember getting there?  Or eaten a meal only to discover an empty plate and not remember the taste and texture of the food.  Mindlessness is mind wandering. Mindfulness is the art of being purposefully present.  Like any art, it takes practice.

Mindfulness is slowing down to fully experience what IS.  No judgement.  Observing and learning is the first step to growing.

Wonder Within success step:
Each day for the next ten days, chose one thing to be mindful of.  It could be eating – chew slowly, experience the taste, texture, smells.  It could be your interactions with a specific person – how do you feel, think, act? It could be walking – what sounds do you hear, what smells, what sites do you see?
Each morning, write down your mindfulness intention. Each night, write down what you observed.  No judging, just intriguing observation.

“Few of us ever live in the present. We are forever anticipating what is to come or remembering what has gone.”  ~Louis L’Amour

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Until next week!

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