Welcome to Wellness Wednesday!

In 2009 I developed The Positive Solution™ Weight Loss program. As the program grew and my own knowledge increased I included within the program more and more information about the emotional connection with food and the importance of living each moment mindfully.  But I still found myself asking why some participants could navigate the lifestyle changes needed to lose weight and gain health and why some might manage for awhile, but then slip back into old habits again and then there where those who could barely begin to make changes. Why?

The questions led me to examining my own life and my own struggles with weight, food and feelings.  How did I shift away from emotional eating and emotional turmoil to this calm and peaceful place I exist in now? The more I thought, the more I wrote, the more I meditated, the more I began to understand that health – whole-health, means discovering your mind, discovering your body and discovering your spirit.

Nutrition will always be near and dear to my heart, but my passion has shifted to creating something new – Owning Awesome™. I’m one of those people who spent most of my life living outside of myself and judging myself harshly. I was my own worse critic and rarely was I my own cheerleader.  But slowly my Wonder Within™ began to bubble to the surface.  I began to not only see, but to feel what others saw in me – awesomeness!  It has been a long journey, but today I fully Own my Awesomeness – yahoo!  This feeling has brought me peace, calm, confidence and love. I believe the more we respect ourselves, the more we love ourselves, the more we believe in our awesomeness, the more we are able to love, live, laugh, enjoy and uplift others!

Over the next several weeks, on Wellness Wednesday, you will receive one of eleven thoughts and steps to Igniting your own Wonder Within™.  I’ve included a Wonder Within™ success step each week as well.  Grab yourself a journal and get ready to ride the wave of wonder that is YOU!

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Until next Wednesday,

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