As a young adult I attempted suicide.  I view this moment as a gift that has continually brought me through challenging times with a strong belief that “there is no where to go but up”!   My search for balance and whole-health took a passionate turn when I lost my dad to cancer. My dad’s passing was my wake up call. Life is to be lived. I slowly began making changes and at age 39 took a major step out of a thirteen year marriage to an alcoholic which had left me deeply co-dependent. Gratefully between my suicide attempt in my youth to current day, I found me, my self-worth and began to value myself and what I bring to my relationships with my friends, customers, clients and my family.  Along the way I landed a fantastic job in print media management, met my husband (we recently celebrated our tenth anniversary), left that cushy print media job, purchased my nutrition store, became a Nutrition Consultant, began coaching, teaching, speaking (from my heart and in front of people) and have been continually learning and growing since May 1, 1963.

It’s difficult to feel happy, if your body is not healthy and conversely it’s difficult to be healthy if your heart and soul are not happy. 

I would not be in this wonderful place that I am if I had not experienced the depth of emotion. If I had not lost deeply.  If I had not been shaken to the core.  I am grateful every day to be continually learning, transforming and growing. Just like plants, if we are not growing we wither away.

Growing in knowledge and embracing health and self worth – this is living at its best! Oh, and a really good gooey gluten free brownie and a up and dirty martini here and there! Life is about embracing indulgences – whether it’s a laughing with friends, a walk outdoors or savoring a bite of your favorite food!

Here’s to health and happiness – your way!


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