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I help over-40 women like you, say “goodbye” to what no longer serves you, and “hello” to what does! Rekindle energy, call in clarity, confidence, and time for what’s most important to you – personally and professionally! 

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So, tell me, how often do you say, “I SHOULD,” followed by “doing” that doesn’t bring you JOY… and instead leads to overwhelm, resentment and fatigue? 

Consider This:

Our patriarchal society has modeled to women, that saying “no” to others and “yes” to yourself is selfish. 

Decades of beliefs and habits unwittingly adopted from outside influences (parents, teachers, media) are now causing discontent, fatigue, and a desire to escape to a deserted island with a bottle of wine and a good book. Right? 


You’re feeling the nudge to release the weight of responsibility—but how? Especially when life still needs to go on, and you’ve got things to accomplish.

It’s a valid question, and here’s another one: What will your future be like, if you don’t lose the long to-do lists and prioritize your needs?

Like you, for decades, I pushed hard – accomplishing a lot while “being it all to everyone” (after all, isn’t this what a “good woman” does?). I was stressed, anxious and tired, and I rarely stopped, and when I did, I felt agitated and guilty that I wasn’t doing enough. Sound familiar?

I began to wonder, “am I the only one feeling this way?”

My curiosity led to interviewing women all over the world. With hundreds of pages of data in hand, a list of common feelings that women share emerged (what can you add to this list?):

  • Feeling overwhelmed and anxious.
  • Plagued with feelings of “not enough,” self-doubt, and self-comparison.
  • Yearning for your former youthful energy, motivation, and passion.
  • Exhausted but have a hard time sleeping.
  • Seen as a confident, “having it all together woman,” but how you feel inside is a different story.

There is a Better Way – Shush the “Should Monster” (seriously) and Lead with Joy!

Mind you; this isn’t Pollyanna-style joy—what I champion is “courageous joy.” Courageous JOY doesn’t depend on what happens outside of you – it lives within you!

Joy sustains well-being (and all that you do).

Well-being fosters your connection with what matters most.

You connect with what matters most by prioritizing Self.

Prioritizing Self inspires clarity of passion and purpose, without overwhelm.

With clarity and courage, your confidence grows – melting self-doubt, self-comparison, and feelings of not enough.

Leadership abilities strengthen, business and life endeavors align with what’s most important to you—cultivating ever-increasing ease. Whether guiding organizations, community, or your family, you (and your dreams) need the real ‘you’ – not a diluted (over-busy) version of you. 

“Suzy’s program helped me take a step back and really get in touch with what I WANTED, not what my job wanted, not what my clients wanted, not what my family wanted… but what I really wanted. Through her amazing program, I found my voice and more importantly my joy. I have honestly never been more fulfilled, happier, and clear and that alone has been the biggest and best gift.”
~Victoria Geller, IMBA, CIC;
President of Trace of Hope, Inc. and LOAM Life Consulting, Inc., Manhattan, NY

Please know this, even while living in overwhelm, burnout, and busyness, you can begin revisioning your life and taking steps to liberate yourself from what gets in your way of flourishing. I would be honored to guide you!




~Stephanie Benson, Metalsmith Jeweler, Seattle WA

 “Through Suzy’s 8-session program and subsequent year-long sabbatical mentoring; I learned that when I do things for my happiness and joy, the world responds. By bringing the message of love into my work through symbol and energy, I found balance and happiness for the first time in my career and life. Not only have I achieved being debt-free, but I also enjoyed the second highest-grossing year in my business – while on sabbatical!” Stephanie Benson Designs


~Julie H., Face of Grace Skincare, Port Townsend, WA

“My business was booked solid but I was taxed and overwhelmed. My energy wasn’t on point–I felt it and my clients felt it, too. It came to a head when my family and I were planning a big trip to Europe, and I was overdoing it–trying to make money and work extra hours, so I could stay ahead. My fatigue was catching up with me, and my sleep was worse. Suzy showed me ways to lighten my load and I actually created more abundance that way. I came out ahead financially. And even today, I’m healthy, on point, present, and I’m not a crabby mom. I work less hours and now have a wait list of clients. When you talk with Suzy you don’t feel like you’re being judged and that for me is big. She can deal with such a variety of people, and she’s very open and approachable, and she is a good soul. I trust her completely.” Face of Grace Skincare

~Barbara Huson [Stanny], The Leading Authority of Women and Money.

“I have known Suzy for over 15 years and have witnessed her overcome her own busyness and transform her life. She is an inspiration to so many, a gifted teacher and mentor. I have gained so much personally from her deep wisdom and insightful mentoring. She truly walks her talk. I am honored to call her a dear friend and excited about the important work she is doing to help women do less and live more! If you have a chance to work with Suzy, just do it!” Barbara Huson

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