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Women own the market on over-pleasing, over-doing and over-extending. We have been ‘trained’ to do it all, and when we don’t, we struggle with guilt and feelings of not being enough.

My intuitively guided coaching leads you through a 4-step proprietary framework to shift and transform overwhelm into ‘aligned living’ creating mindful awareness, strong boundaries, prioritizing well-being, work-life balance, spaciousness and most important, increased happiness and success both personally and professionally. 

My coaching style is ‘cozy’ with warmth, laughter, understanding along with actionable steps to guide you towards clarity and your desired outcome. I call on my 30+ years of motherhood, executive management, entrepreneurship, divorce, tradgedy, deaths and the many hurdles and successes that have grown into wisdom and strategies used to guide busy women to a better way of living!

The World view –
Mindsets developed based on the socializing of women.
Your inner world
– Thoughts, beliefs and habits that no longer serve you.
Your outer world – Responsibilities, commitments, activities, driven my inner world beliefs.
The revelations that occur from gaining knowledge into what is really driving ‘overwhelm’, creates –
Your new world – Clarity, calmness, confidence and fulfilled living (not over-full living)


Here are a couple ways we can work together:


“A La Carte Laser Session:

We’ll laser in on “problem pockets” in your life that are calling for your attention, whether it’s your health, family dynamics, work conflict, or sheer daily overwhelm. I am highly intuitive and by the end of the session, you’ll have fresh new strategies and practices you can use to move forward with less stress and more clarity.

“Framework Package” (3 Sessions)

Using my framework approach, we’ll do an inventory of what is causing your overwhelm and with support ‘let go’ to make room for the more nurturing pieces to come in. This is a mind-body-soul centric exploration that happens at your pace and at your discretion. After our initial 60 minute session, you have the option to customize the package with 60 minutes sessions, or 30 minute sessions via phone or skype.

“I’m impressed by how methodical and focused Suzy is. You can learn a lot from somebody with her talents. I don’t step into my power all the time, and Suzy’s support has given me courage on more than one occasion to move forward with ideas and intentions for my business. My employees need me to be the strong one. I don’t have that kind of support for myself, but it’s expected of me to be that for others. It’s good to have someone like Suzy at your side to be the wind at your back. She’s been an integral part of my support system.” Evie

Wildflour Restaurant & Bakery, Roanoke, Virginia

“Wow! I have been working with Suzy for about two months and have seen so much growth both personally and professionally. Within the first two sessions Suzy helped uncover a memory which started the process of unraveling my fear of failure. Such quick change happened with gentle, light hearted conversations; pointed questions; simple, relevant goal setting; lots of laughter and a few releasing tears–no pushing.

I wouldn’t trust just anyone to coach me, but Suzy has led a life that I admire. She has been through enough growing pains and bumpy roads of her own, that I trust her wisdom. She also has challenged herself to be completely true to her inner knowing.

I love how Suzy glows. I love her commitment to joy and ease. I love her strength of character. I love her unpretentious spirituality. I love the mischievous look on her face when she is ready to give me an assignment. I just LOVE my Suzy time! Each week I look forward to what I can work on next.”

Anna H.

Port Townsend, Washington

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