Women have been working hard for centuries. 

You have been working hard for a long time –

Building careers, raising families, pleasing others, striving to be enough…

This abundance of caring, taking care and picking up the pieces that need picking up is an admirable strength that women have, but…

“Women are on the verge of exhaustion…And yet women keep saying yes to work, to family, to most everything.”
– Peggy Drexler, Ph.D.


Women have been trained to take care of everyone. Putting yourself first is foreign and uncomfortable.  Instead, we over-extend, over-please and over-do. Which leads to overwhelm.

Sacred Selfishness™ is a daily practice of treating yourself as well as you treat others!
Learn principles and methods to clear out what is getting in your way of making yourself a priority; get clear about what matters most, learn a positive way to say ‘no’, set boundaries and let go of guilt.

Taking care of ‘you’ is not selfish, it is a gift to yourself and to everyone you encounter!