Women have been working hard for centuries. 

You have been working hard for a long time –

Building careers, raising families, pleasing others, striving to be enough…

This abundance of caring, taking care and picking up the pieces that need picking up is an admirable strength that women have, but…

“Women are on the verge of exhaustion…And yet women keep saying yes to work, to family, to most everything.”
– Peggy Drexler, Ph.D.

Women have been trained to take care of everyone. Putting yourself first is foreign and uncomfortable, and culturally unaccepted. Women over-extend, over-please and over-do, which leads to overwhelm and the dilution of the extraordinary talents, skills and characteristics that being a women holds. With this being said…

Are you ready to ‘do’ life differently? Do you feel called to make a positive impact in your family, community, humanity and the world? Do you feel inspired to be a disruptor of an old and outdated paradigm? Are you willing to move forward with an open mind and eye towards inclusiveness and embracing the gifts of both feminine and masculine energy? Are you ready to be the leader of your life and in business?

Sacred Selfishness™ |The Practice of Prioritizing Self : 
Giving to yourself first, so you have more to give to the world, but not from a place of resentment and depletion but from a place of health & happiness. 
“There is no stopping a woman who is devoted to her own well-being 
and is powered by a well-nourished soul. “ -Suzy

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