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Sound familiar…

You are busy, overwhelmed and your mind is going constantly. You want a break, more balance and more time for you. You would love to feel energetic, feel good about the body you live in and enthusiastic for life again.
You are also intelligent and know that on the other side of overwhelm, there is peace, on the other side of stress there is balance and on the other side of blah, there is bliss!

This was me!

For years I lived life without my three principles of living, The ‘Magic 3’: Nourish the Body, Quiet the Mind and Feed the Soul. I felt anxious, my mind never stopped, my health and relationships were suffering. I was the queen of making mountains out of molehills, grasping tightly to control, worrying, eating for the wrong reasons and not sleeping, but…to the outside world, I had it all together. Not true.

If I only knew back then, what I know now.

The ‘Magic 3’ is a powerful coaching method that creates results that last a lifetime.

Today, I’m relaxed, happy and healthy. I have created a life that is strong with health, strong with self-worth, and strong with inner peace by using the power of the ‘Magic 3’ to get healthy, get happy and create a life I love.

Here’s how these powerful principles will transform your life too:

1. Nourishing the Body

I am certified as a Nutrition Consultant with a decade of experience working with thousands of people (literally). This experience honed my skills for quickly and easily making dietary adjustments for optimum health, energy and well-being as well as discovering the emotional connection to food and eating to create new habits that stick. If it is weight loss you desire – this is a specialty of mine!

2. Quieting the Mind

Monkey Mind be gone – I will guide you to clarity by clearing out what is not supporting your highest and greatest good. Mental clutter, confusion, frustration, sleeplessness, anxiety are all products of the mind. You will learn tools that will bring you peace, quiet and clarity.

3. Feeding the Soul

Beneath the layers that grow as the years pass, there is a light that still flickers. This is your passion, your love, your enthusiasm, your motivation – your happiness factor! Using steps developed from my own lifetime of experience, you will quickly peel those layers away for a fresh and enthusiastic outlook on life.

Suzy Carroll

With the ‘Magic 3’ my life began to unfold in miraculous ways; I met an amazing man who became my husband, my weight stopped fluctuating, my energy increased. I purchased a business and ten years later sold it for a profit and launched a new business that is in alignment with who I am today. I played more, traveled more and most importantly, I began to value myself and discovered a powerful inner strength that moved mountains and created the life and career I love! You can too!

“Thank you, thank you! It was so good to talk with you. You are an AMAZING coach, information-giver. I felt so different after I left you yesterday. I actually feel completely different today, stronger just being with you. Thank you for holding a space for me to share my fears without trying to ‘fix’ but rather give opportunity for me to make new choices.” ~Sandy

How Does This Work?

I will work with you in whatever way is most comfortable: phone, Skype, or in-person.
Coaching sessions are as unique as you are. After scheduling your first session you will receive an intake questionnaire that provides a framework for which of the “Magic 3” principles to focus on. For some it will be all three. For others it will be one or two of the principles.

Appointments are available Tuesday & Thursdays beginning at 7am PST with occasional evening sessions. In order to utilize my intuitive skills fully, sessions are limited to three per day.

Three one hour sessions: $577
In three sessions you will learn tools, concepts and simple methods for integrating the ‘Magic 3’ principles and using them to improve your health, happiness and overall well-being! 

Six one hour sessions: $1014.00
In six sessions I will guide you to permanently implementing these new concepts and methods so that you are well on your way to optimum health and living a life supported by positive beliefs, thought patterns and habits creating a life you love.

Single session coaching: $225.00/1 hour
Your questions, concerns, desires, wishes along with my knowledge, intuition and experience makes for a powerful, deep, transformative session.
*If after your session you choose to sign up for a package, this amount will be applied.

Contact me today, and let’s get started!

Suzy Carroll, NC