The ‘One Thing’ – Accomplishment without Overwhelm

I have an idea for you…28 days until the end of 2018 (ya I know, hard to believe)…instead of these 28 days being all about the whirlwind of the holidays, here’s something I did last year, that I’m doing again this year, because I reaped the rewards all year long!

It begins with a question:
What is one thing you can do in the next 28 days, that will make life easier in 2019? So instead of waiting for January 1 as your jump start, to resolving to accomplish something (and we all know how resolutions go), why not use December to ease in?

For example, my ‘one thing’ last December was to clean up my filing system. No small task. My file folders where dog eared, overflowing, labels old and often mislabeled and I cringed every time I needed to file something or find something. What I created has brought a level of ease and simplicity and a smile, every time I open the file cabinet for the past 11 months. Pinterest (almost) quality, color coded, nicely labeled, organized files. Wow!

The challenge with the ‘one thing’ is it (whatever it is) can often feel overwhelming and we don’t want that (no over-ing, right?!) Enter micro goals! Micro goals are a small thing you can accomplish, that brings you closer to accomplishing your one big thing, without feeling overwhelmed.

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Confidence Re-Imagined.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel confident about everything? To be so confident that you can quickly make decisions, know what the best route is and the best words to use. You don’t question anything, you’ve got this, you’re on top of this. You know who you are, what you are doing and walk out in the world strutting your stuff with head held high.

This is not me. Is it you?

If only I were more self confident? Have you ever said this to yourself? I have, at least a million times! I’ve felt envious of people who appear to make decisions easily. I’ve felt less-than when standing with someone who is assertive, well spoken and highly knowledgeable. Academic types, those with PhD’s and multiple degrees, used to leave me feeling inferior and my head would spin around anyone who can remember details or has a memory that can knock mine out of the park. I’ve even believed I lacked self confidence when years ago, I was shopping with someone who quickly and confidently decided about a home accessory.

Pish Posh!

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Rivers, Rowboats and Trust.

A Parable.

Imagine you are walking through the woods, guided by the sounds of a river up ahead. As you come to the edge of the wooded area, you see a wide river. You’ve been told the only way to get to where you want to go, is to follow this river.

But as you come closer you see that the river splits into three smaller very different rivers.

~The river to the left is murky, cluttered with garbage and slogging along slowly.
~The river to the right is home to beavers with dams that block the flow.
~The middle river is crystal clear, with boulders and logs here and there, but the water flows around the obstacles easily.

Sitting on the bank at the head of these three rivers is a rowboat for you to ride in and now you must make a choice:
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Align Your Energy and Magic Happens – Here’s How

Here’s a story about how powerful we can be, when we align with the right energy.

A few years ago, I attended a weekend workshop led by Barbara Huson (Stanny). It was my first time in well over a year I had been around a group of people (post sabbatical) and a room full of sixty energetic women was overwhelming to say the least.

Barbara asked us to find a partner for an exercise. I froze. Old stuff coming up…fear of not being picked (remembering elementary gym games) – this feeling of being the lone woman standing in the room was strong and guess what happened—yes…sixty women and there I stood, hand in the air, needing a partner.

Thankfully I was at the workshop with wisdom savvy friends who reminded me that I had created that moment. Hmm. Really?!

At home a few days later I needed to call Macy’s customer service department (again) because they were wanting to charge a hefty return fee on a flawed mattress. I believe Macy’s is in the top ten of worst customer service ever, but this time I had my magic wand with me.

As I dialed the phone I said to myself, “If I can get sixty women to ignore me, I can get one to agree with me!” And guess what happened—yes…mattress return accepted without a return processing fee. In fact, the woman I spoke with was over-the-top friendly and helpful!

Thinking back to the words of my wisdom savvy friends – I created this – yes I did! 😊

Fast forward a few years to fall 2018. My husband and I were enjoying a fabulous week glamping in Cannon Beach Oregon. Our reservations were through Friday, but as we were having such a wonderful time, we wanted to extend one extra day. All week we had been stopping by the reservation office to see if a spot had opened up, expecting to hear the same answer “sorry, but we are booked solid through November.”

The morning we were to depart, my husband and I took our dog for a walk and swung by the reservation office to check one last time before making the long haul home; but this time I did something different. Instead of expecting the same “sorry, we are full” answer, as we walked towards the office I reminded myself again that if I can get sixty women to ignore me, I can conjure a bit of reorganizing with their camp reservations. We walked in, she looks at us (knows who we are and what we want by now) and say’s “wow, we just had a cancellation. The spot is yours!”. Hah!

Tom and I walked away very happy glampers and I shared with him what “I” had done, his answer, “in my mind I already knew the space was ours.” Couple conjuring at it’s best! 😉

The moral to this story; we are powerful when we align with the right energy and mindset so be mindful of which way you are waving your magic wand!

Magic wands for everyone…what are you conjuring today?

Crystal Balls, Rocking Chairs & Decisions. Curious? Read on…

Inspiration comes to me while walking the trails, watching birds, talking with friends, brushing my dog or this morning, while reading the book Synchronicity, The Inner Path of Leadership.
 The author, Joseph Jaworski tells about a conversation he had with someone from the Royal Dutch Shell group of companies, who said instead of making forecasts for the company, they used something called decision scenarios. In 1988, the Shell Group was regarded as one of the best-managed companies in the world.

As I read on I realized that ‘decision scenarios’ are similar to a method I created for myself 20 years ago, when I was faced with a very difficult decision; I called this method ‘My Rocking Chair Approach to Life’: my crystal ball for decision making.

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