‘Moredom’ – Quality verses Quantity

Image: Quality vs. Quantity
We live in a time in history where ‘moredom’ has become normal, required and needed to feel successful, fulfilled and enough.

For women, we are led to believe we should give more, please more, do more for others, accomplish more, juggle more and this will lead to ‘more’.

For entrepreneurs, we are led to think you need more likes, more followers, more email list subscribers, more blogs, more content, more tech, more knowledge and this will lead to ‘more’.

For all of us, we are led to believe that more stuff, more clothes, more friends, more likes, more invitations, more opportunities, more books, more workshops, more travel, more kale, more exercise, will lead to ‘more’.

But what about quality?
Quality of life. Quality of friendships. Quality of experiences. Quality of work.

Here a Seven signs that Quantity has been placed before Quality.
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Overwhelmed? Use This Word More Often [It Isn’t ‘No’]

When I was in my early twenties I attended my first personal development workshop – The Pursuit of Excellence. The presenter shared a concept that took me back to my high school years—I remember walking down the hall way feeling very grumpy and although I don’t remember what prompted this feeling, I did recall feeling there was no other option and so I stuck with my grumpy mood.

What the workshop presenter said that day, changed my world. As a teenager it had never occurred to me and no one had ever shared with me, these powerful words:


A Lesson Learned…Again.

This mornings project of choice was moving books out of my office, prepping for the moving in of new office furniture. I didn’t get very  far because two books that have been on my shelf for years, for some reason this morning I decided I needed to open the covers and peek inside.

To think that I was 13 the first time I read Illusions by Richard Bach (and 8 when I read Jonathan Livingston Seagull). Until today, I had not thought about the impact reading these books at such a young age have had on me. I’ve read both books countless times over the years, but I don’t think I could recite one passage, or quote from the books (I explain why below).

Fast forward to 2010. The year I crossed paths with Maria DeCarvalo, M.Div – an Episcopalian Priest and a High Performance Executive Coach. At that time in my life I was teaching a weight loss course/lifestyle course I had created. It was very good, even ‘doctor approved’ and it worked, but only for a short time because despite my best efforts, most people could not sustain ‘new habits’ for the long term. I was sharing my frustration with Maria about habits and she told me about the book ‘Immunity to Change’. 
Today, eight years later, having completely forgotten any specifics about this book, I sat on the floor in my office, flipping pages and this highlighted sentence, jumped out at me – “These three adult meaning systems—the socialized mind, self-authorizing mind, and self-transforming mind—make sense of the world, and operate within it, in profoundly different ways.” Amazing! And here’s why…

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Stuck or Unstuck – Which ‘Mindset’ System are You Using? 

The word Mindset has become quite trendy and for good reason. How the mind is set, has a huge impact on how we live our life and how we view ourselves. Simply put mindsets are an established set of attitudes.

There are two types of mindsets: ‘stuck’ and ‘unstuck’ and you get to choose which system you want running your thoughts.

For years I operated from the ‘stuck’ mindset, even though I was an upbeat, positive person with a great attitude, inside, I was overwhelmed, didn’t like myself much and struggled with depression and anxiety. My mindset was ‘stay busy, stay in control, keep pushing forwards’. My inner world (which so impacts how we dance in our outer world) began to shift when I learned how to tap into the ‘unstuck’ mindset system.

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Six Questions to Ask for a Magical New Year.

Have you ever had ‘one of those years’?

I was about to write that 2017 has been ‘one of those years’, but in reflection I realized I’ve had a series of ‘years’, with each year building on the other, layering one learning opportunity (aka challenge) after another.

Every challenge has become the catalyst for an ever-deepening awareness of what is working and what isn’t – a bit more of this please, a little less of that please.All those emotions and uncomfortable thoughts, that I used to sweep under the proverbial rug, are out in the open and have become valuable crumbs that are showing me the best path to follow.

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