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Pity Party Anyone?!

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To say my thoughts are a little muddled right now is an understatement. I tend to write when I’m feeling good, feeling happy, feeling confident. Today I am not. Today I feel emotionally tired, full of self doubt and wondering why I keep plugging forward. It’s been a tough couple of years. Not all tough, […]


Answer these Questions to Lose Weight

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Weight loss is so much more than cutting calories. In fact the key to weight loss is changing how you think and discovering your emotional connection to food. A few questions to ponder: How many diets have you been on? How has that worked for you? What’s your excuse(s)? What gets in your way? Or, […]


Where Are You Hiding?

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There was a time in my life where the unknown terrified me so much, that once I got my young son off to school, I would crawl back under the covers and hide. It was from this place I understood why women (and men) return to abusive relationships – they know what to expect. There […]


The Invitation

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A gift for you… “The Invitation”  has become almost a daily read for me.  It reminds me to dig deep within myself for what feels true. It reminds me that what is most important isn’t what I do, or you do, or what I have or you have. The most important thing isn’t a thing […]