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About Me


Like you, I’ve been through a lot. I’m still going through a lot. The learning does not end, but as I travel deeper into the cause of my actions and reactions I am now able to shift remarkably fast out of my self-depreciating thoughts and back into the feeling that is now most prominent in my life – relaxed, calm and at ease.

As a young adult, I struggled so deeply with feelings of “not being enough” I attempted suicide. From my twenties into my forty’s I dealt with my feelings of  self comparison, and not enough by staying busy. Busyness was the mask I wore. Busyness was how I kept my uncomfortable feelings stuffed away.

My belief pattern was that ‘doing more’ and staying busy was the way to live a full life. Today I know that my busyness was how I masked my feelings that where uncomfortable. Through trial and error and with guidance from my soul-sister and mentor, Barbara Stanny, I overcame my busyness habits. I learned how to say no. I learned to set boundaries. I cured myself of the ‘disease to please’ and created a practice that I lovingly call Sacred Selfishness™: “The practice of putting yourself first, so you have more to give to the world, but not from a place of resentment and depletion, but from a place of health and happiness”.

Doing Less I liken to cleaning out your internal closet. As the years go by we accumulate  ‘stuff’ in the form of habits, beliefs and culturally accepted ways of living. These all become a pattern for how we live each day. Over time, all this ‘stuff’ begins to clutter up our mental and emotional well-being. The side effect being overwhelm, stress, unhappiness, anxiety, health issues, weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, sleep issues, relationship challenges and a loss of self. At one time or another, I have experienced all of these.

We have been training our brain throughout our twenties and into our thirties to over-do, over-commit as well as establishing a pattern of diminishing ourselves and putting ourselves last.

For women especially, as we are natural born nourishers and givers; learning ‘why we are doing, what we are doing’, discovering what feeds our souls, letting go of all the ‘do’s’ that are essentially old and out of date outfits that don’t fit anymore, is paramount to feeling relaxed, nourished and emotionally and physically vibrant.

To say I am dedicated to “doing less” is an under statement. I wanted to go as deep as possible observing my own actions and reactions to no longer measuring my day by how much I accomplished, to being able to relax without anxiousness creeping in and to live in the present instead of my mind constantly on the hamster wheel of over-thinking.
With a deep breath and a huge amount of courage, I stepped way out of my comfort zone and embarked on a 12 month sabbatical, which I called my “Year of No”. I knew I needed guidance to keep me out of over-doing (a daily practice) and so I wrote my 365 Day Manifesto: “To be present, open and clear. To let my intuition guide me and let my emotions lead me. To feel a richness and depth in every moment that has previously been glossed over with the whirl wind of life. My intention is to find pearls of wisdom within and polish those pearls and bring them to the world. I will create and grow by simply being me ~ being open, being vulnerable and being willing to feel the parts of me that also need polishing. No judgement, just awareness of what is”.

I feel there has never been a more important time in our history for women to be ‘aware of what is’…who we are, what’s holding us back – peel those layers away and reveal the extraordinary human you are and become a part of this beautiful web of humanity – the life spark that will make our world and your world a better place.

Kick the busyness habit, Overcome Overwhelm, discover what feeds your soul (do more of this and less of what doesn’t) and you will quickly arrive at this place I live in now – the baseline daily feeling of relaxed, calm, at-ease and most important, I feel free!

But…don’t get me wrong – this is not a place of complacency. This is the place that magic happens. You have now taken your power back. You have the strength, the tools, the energy and the innate wisdom to choose your path in life!

Do Less and Live More!


‘Official’ Bio

Suzy Carroll is certified as a Nutrition Counselor, trained in nutrition analysis, weight loss, digestive issues and mind-body wellness. She was a featured speaker at the 2012 WOW Women’s Conference and her guidelines for creating support groups are featured in Barbara Stanny’s newest book Sacred Success™.  A suicide attempt in her youth, sparked a quest, both professionally and personally, for the answer to the question; how to live a life full of health, happiness and inner peace? In 1997 the answer began to reveal itself when she lost her dad to cancer and soon after, stepped out of a 13 year marriage to an alcoholic. Suzy’s professional life up until this point had included VP of Sales & Marketing, National Sales Director and Director of Advertising and then in 2005 she jumped off the proverbial cliff and purchased a nutrition store. Her store, nominated in 2010 for Washington States Small Business of the year award, became her “laboratory” where she spent the next decade immersed in the world of nutrition and the emotional issues that impact whole-health. In 2009 Suzy took her fifty years of life experience and began coaching and launched her program The Positive Solution® Weight Release for Life. But something was missing and so in 2012 she went back to her “lab”, listened, observed and along with her own personal experiences, hundreds of conversations and in-depth interviews with busy and post-busy women, Suzy wrote her three principles of living: Nourish the Body, Quiet the Mind and Feed the Soul and created the life changing program and coaching method Overcome Overwhelm™: The practice of doing less to live more.