Ten Tips for Vacationing Without Gaining

Are you laughing?

No need to! It is possible to travel healthy and not gain weight. It all boils down to the choices you make. I hope you find these ideas useful. I have used them all and in the past ten years have never gained a pound when vacationing. However I have returned from vacation feeling bloated due to my super sensitive digestive system…but I have a tip for that too: Digestive Enzymes. Don’t leave home without them.

This is a two part series on traveling healthy. Your next e-mail will include a list of products that are easy to pack and that will keep you healthy and happy when away from home.

#1: Share Meals
‘Super-size me’ is a trend that lives on. Resorts and cruise ships seem to abide by the ‘super-size me’ philosophy. To avoid become super-sized yourself, share meals and practice portion control.  I found this video for you that I made in 2010. Portion sizes needed for proper nutrition may surprise you. Click here to watch.

#2: Hold that Bread Please.
Ask if they will bring a small fruit plate instead. Unless you have willpower like no other – simply say “no thank you”.

#3: Alcohol – Really?
I have to admit I don’t get the whole “drink it up” on vacation thing. In fact, if you need alcohol to have fun, I would suggest rethinking what you are doing. Seriously. Alcohol equals empty calories and drinks at resorts are full of sugar. Instead, spoil yourself with a bit of fabulous wine and sip slowly. Or go for straight up! Yup. That’s how I like mine – tequila (the real good stuff) on the rocks! And of course practice moderation. If your slamming drinks…like I said, rethink the ‘fun’ thing!

#4: Savor it!
My husband and I avoid resorts, but we have experienced one mega cruise ship and one all-inclusive. Here’s my tips for surviving the resort scene healthy and departing with the same waist size.

Savor every bite, chew slow and enjoying the explosions of flavor passing over your taste buds.  Say “no way” to the buffet line and choose al la carte and review tip #1, #2 & #3.

#5: Know your Will Power Strength

#6: Ask the Locals
That’s what we do. Where is the Farmers Market? This is how we found out that the fruit and veggie truck passes by at 3:00 every day and that the best eggs on the island are at the little corner grocery store.

#7: A Room with a Fridge
A must! Stock up on healthy snacks at the grocery store. I even bring along light weight plates, plastic utensils and zip lock baggies. If you are driving, bring an electric frying pan! Or pack it. I have a friend that has even traveled with her juicer!

#8: Treat Yourself
This goes for when at home too. I see no point in depriving myself. When on vacation I look forward to delicious meals and at least once or twice totally imbibing! (See Tip #10).

#9: Move
Walk, swim, use the hotel gym – you get the picture!

#10: Have a Game Plan
Think ahead. Do a bit of research about the area you are visiting. Before leaving on vacation make an agreement with yourself. What are you snacking on? When and how will you treat yourself? What can you pack with you? What fitness options will you have while traveling? What does “fun” mean to you? Make agreements with those you are traveling with so that both of you have your vacation needs met.

Here’s to Happy, Healthy & Fun Traveling!