I have begun what I am calling my five pound removal program. I told a friend this and she responded with “lucky you, I have 20 pounds to lose”.  Oh no…let me tell you about that final five. They are stuck on with super glue. Imbedded, not moving, just pure stickiness! At least that is the story I have been telling myself along with internal whining about not being able to lose my sticky five.

Yes, me. The one who spent two years researching, piloting, writing and then launching my weight loss program. That’s was 2011. This is 2013. Along the way I have learned so much and my own program was no longer lighting my fire. It was missing something.

The something is: The why. The how. The reframe.

Back to me…I’m the experiment. I’m tired of listening to my inner self whining. I’d had enough and so I began the following:

Step one. Why did I gain those five pounds?

  • Stress played a part.
  • Life circumstances this past year, that required deep focus, played a part.
  • Calories in. Calories burned played a big part.

Step two.

  • Using an online calorie/weight loss calculator I researched how many calories I could eat in order to lose one pound per week.
  • Whoa. Not many given my age of 50.  Hee hee…I changed my age to 40, afterall… 😉

Step three.

  • I eat very healthy, but now I needed to identify where the misc. calories where coming from.

Step four. Discovery – It’s the bars!

  • I own a nutrition store. I sell a few healthy snack bars. I own the place. I can grab them whenever I want and I wanted too often.

Step five. Identify why I was grabbing those bars.

  • Treating myself after completing my least favorite task – bookkeeping.
  • Not planning ahead and packing snacks.
  • Emotional eating when I’ve had my nose to the grind stone for too long.
  • I was talking with a friend who is trying to quit smoking and I realized, my cigarette break was a bar. Ah ha!

Step six. Kick the bar habit

  • One day I spent an entire hour asking myself, “why do I want a bar?”. The answer had nothing to do with hunger and everything to do with shifting gears and doing a task that made me happy. Result – bar craving gone.

Step seven: Progress.

  • Three weeks in, three pounds gone.  All I did was cut out the misc. calories. I did attempt to track calories for one day using an app. That did not work for me. What did work was good ole mindfulness.

If you are thinking, big deal – three pounds. Even one pound is a big deal.  Look at the size of a pound of butter! Keep it slow, keep it steady.  A pound of butterMore than two pounds per week and you are removing water, not butter!

You know that saying, “once on the lips, forever on the hips”. Not true. Well, true until you take steps forward.

I’ll admit, this was an easy fix for me.  I very rarely eat bread, pasta, gluten, processed foods and follow everything I teach in my coaching and health-empowerment programs.  My hormones are fairly balanced, my blood sugar is balanced, I do not have thyroid issues and I’ve been working on healing adrenal fatigue long enough now that this can no longer be used as an excuse.

If you are not where I am at, now is a good time to start educating yourself about living healthy for life long weight removal.
I’m beginning a re-write of my program incorporating the emotional side of things, but the core program rocks and is super affordable! Without the program and without following what I preach, I may well have had more than five pounds to remove – in fact, for most of my younger life, I was the chubby one. No longer.

What’s your excuse? There is no time like the present to begin your own five pound removal program!