This morning, while curled up on my comfy sofa, sipping my morning smoothie and watching the birds and little critters romp around our garden I heard these words, “quiet the mind”.

Wednesday is my writing day, but the past two weeks the only thought I have had is “I’ve got nothing”! My mind has been blank. pathOr so I thought until I read this phrase coined by Chela Davison, “future tripping”!

Has my mind really been blank, or has it been so full of future thoughts, worries, concerns and doubts that there is no room to hear the thoughts that are warm and nurturing?

Health – whole health is being mindful enough to catch yourself when you step off the path of living in a way that is nurturing the mind, body and soul.  No guilt. No beating yourself up. We are human, we get off track.

I am grateful that this morning I woke up early enough to sit quietly and hear the words I needed to hear, “quite the mind” because I had indeed stepped off the path of flow and on to the road of busyness again!

Tend the body.
Quiet the mind.
Feed the soul.

Namaste, (The light in me honors the light in you)



Does your reflection in the mirror leave you wanting to turn away or having your photo taken throw you into what I call “the uncomfortables”?

I few blog posts back I wrote about my discovery that I distort the image of myself. Not in a good way. The nose grows, the wrinkles get deeper and so on. And then a few days ago I was handed a disk full of photos of me. At first glance I loved them. At second glance I began to examine them. On third glance my internal distortion app kicked in. So what was the difference between the first glance and the third glance?

Faces are just faces.  Mirror image

Have you ever met someone that by today’s standards is very attractive and then as you have gotten to know them they become less attractive? Or how about the opposite – you meet someone who by today’s standards would not be considered attractive, but as you get to know them they become beautiful.  What happened? You are feeling their soul and ‘seeing’ the essence of who they are.

So I ask you this, when you look at yourself, are you looking at your facial features or are you seeing and feeling your soul, your spirit, the essence of you? When you look at someone else are you seeing their soul or just their face?

Perhaps by dropping into this feeling place it will be easier to step out of judgment of ourselves and others and into this place of really owning not only our awesomeness, but others too!

To answer the question of what was the difference between that first glance and third glance, it’s this: First glance I saw my essence, my soul. Second glance, I saw my facial features. Third glance, my internal distortion app kicked in.

Go ahead – stare at your beautiful self – not your facial features, but deep into your eyes and see your soul and experience the feelings that come up. It may be tears of joy, sadness, loss and happiness. Then take a moment, close yours eyes and acknowledge all that is wonderful about the essence of you.

Honoring the awesomeness of you!



Self Worth – A Conversation Worth Having.

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dr. Leslie Hewitt, founder of The WOW Talks. I was sharing my story of a suicide attempt three decades ago and it occurred to me that if just one thing had been different I never would have said the words “I want to go to sleep […]

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The Uncomfortables

The uncomfortables…this is what I call situations, occurrences, events that leave you stunned, confused perhaps even mortified, even though the situation may be a good one. These are also the thoughts that leave you (hopefully) asking questions, looking at circumstances differently, trying on a new perspective. That’s what happened to me after posting a 23 […]

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I Want to Party in Dubai!

I’ve had the good fortune of meeting amazing women from all over our country, but at times, I find reading updates about their lives and work really brings up my ‘stuff’. This past year I met a young woman who gives me hope for the future. She is very intelligent, thoughtful, friendly and walks amongst […]

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To Be Glorious

With gratitude to Shiloh Sophia – the artist behind these powerful words. Breath them in and release. To Be Glorious Today, I choose myself. I choose to be the Queen of my own domain. To name myself as the one who governs my life. I shall not wait for the approval of others. I will […]

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Pity Party!!

To say my thoughts are a little muddled right now is an understatement. I tend to write when I’m feeling good, feeling happy, feeling confident. Today I am not. Today I feel emotionally tired, full of self doubt and wondering why I keep plugging forward. It’s been a tough couple of years. Not all tough, […]

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A Word or Two About Losing Weight and Living Healthy

Last night I facilitated a class on the vast subject of weight loss. 90 minutes, talking fast, so much to cover and I’m boiling it down to the basics here. Please keep in mind that the following is a brief explanation, but enough that you will know much more than you did five minutes ago. […]

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