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Hi! I'm Suzy,

I'm the founder of Sacred Selfishness™ - The Practice of Prioritizing Self and the forthcoming program: The Alchemy of Feminine Leadership: L​iberating mission inspired women from the burden of "not enough" and the myth of "busy equals success."

I believe there is no stopping a woman, devoted to her own well-being and powered by a well-nourished soul. It is from this place that you claim your voice, plug into your power, cultivate an unassailable confidence while giving yourself the time and attention needed to recharge and sustain impact-full leadership and furthering of your life and your mission.
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  • You are cancelling dates with friends because you’re just too burned out.
  • You don’t have energy or motivation that you used to.
  • You fall into bed every night out of sheer exhaustion & then have a hard time sleeping.
  • Quality time with your partner dissolves into iPad or TV “tune-out” time.

SOMETHING has to change—but how?

Especially when life still needs to move, and YOU need to make things happen.

As modern women, we dream of having it all—we have goals, families, responsibilities, and meaning to squeeze out of every day.

But here’s the dilemma…
There is a NEW type of busy that’s taken over our culture.

It’s unbalanced, and it’s taking a serious toll on women, our families, and our communities.

There is a fine line between being busy and living in sheer overwhelm.

Earning money, raising kids, being productive, achieving goals, and living with purpose is important.

But you deserve to ALSO love your life in the process. To enjoy your relationships, be present for your clients and family, and feel calm and spacious every day.

From my 20’s through my 40’s, I happily wore the busy badge of honor, and truly thrived on it.

In fact, I’ll be the first to tell you that sometimes ‘busy’ is good, even essential – that is…the right kind of ‘busy’. The kind that lifts you higher and fills your life with ‘what matters most’. This is where I come in…



~Barbara Huson [Stanny], The Leading Authority of Women and Money.

“I have known Suzy for over 10 years and have witnessed her overcome her own busyness and transform her life. She is an inspiration to so many, a gifted teacher and coach. I have gained so much personally from her deep wisdom and insightful coaching. She truly walks her talk. I am honored to call her a dear friend and excited about the important work she is doing to help women do less and live more! If you have a chance to work with Suzy, just do it!”

~Julie H., Face of Grace Skincare, Port Townsend, WA

“My business was booked solid but I was taxed and overwhelmed. My energy wasn’t on point–I felt it and my clients felt it, too. It came to a head when my family and I were planning a big trip to Europe, and I was overdoing it–trying to make money and work extra hours, so I could stay ahead. My fatigue was catching up with me, and my sleep was worse. Suzy showed me ways to lighten my load and I actually created more abundance that way. I came out ahead financially. And even today, I’m healthy, on point, present, and I’m not a crabby mom. I work less hours and now have a wait list of clients. When you talk with Suzy you don’t feel like you’re being judged and that for me is big. She can deal with such a variety of people, and she’s very open and approachable, and she is a good soul. I trust her completely.”

~Heather D., Hastings Development LLC, Port Townsend, WA

“I work so hard to always make sure “I’m doing everything I possibly can”; to always say “Yes” to an opportunity to help; and to make sure that every spare blank on my calendar is filled, as a sign that I’m fulfilling my potential. But instead, I end up killing my ability to access my own highest capacity for good, because I have nothing left to give.  Even a simple cup of tea with Suzy can be life-changing. It was on just such an occasion that the wisdom flowing across the cafe table from Suzy finally allowed me to begin to see how my habits are hindering me”.

A part of you loves the challenge–the constant, forward motion. And it feels good knowing that people turn to YOU for guidance and your support…

But now it is draining you from things that truly matter.